International Debating and Judging

We are presenting a new educational program for debaters and judges that are interested in debating competitively abroad. We are looking for motivated participants from all backgrounds, experience level is not a barrier!


The program consists of weekly debates, assignments, and readings. You will be coached and judged by international judges and receive the same training at the national debate team. The program has been running for over a year and currently has 17 debaters and 5 coaches!

Being a part of the team is a great learning opportunity to significantly improve your debate skills and work with top quality local and international coaches. By joining, you will be pooled for the selection of the national team of 5 debaters who will represent the Czech Republic at World Schools Debate Championship (WSDC) 2022 in Macau.


All candidates are expected to submit a list of their debate experience (e.g. amount of national and international competitions attended, best speaker placements or team placements), and their speaker points average (Czech/English national debate league, world schools style tournaments). Candidates are expected to undergo a trial period of approximately 2 weeks.

Please send required documents via single email to, the subject will be Tryouts 2022 – Name Surname.

Candidates must comply with the following criteria:

  • Be high school students; 14 years of age or older on 7th July 2022 and not older than 20 on 17th July 2022.
  • Be able to attend the championships taking place summer 2022 
  • Attend high school in the Czech Republic in the last six consecutive months before WSDC 2022.
  • Have experience with debating, preferably at international level (World Style).


We are looking for people to occasionally come help judge debate training rounds 1-2 per week. This is also an excellent opportunity to improve your judging skills, as you will receive feedback from more senior and international judges.


Judging experience with World style debates is preferred but not a requirement. Candidates without WS experience will be coached on how to judge a WS debate for approximately 2 weeks – this includes assignments and shadowing debates.

Candidates are expected to submit a list of their judging experience and judge breaks. 

Please send required documents via single email to, the subject will be WS Judges 2022 – Name Surname.