Debatní liga

Second tournament of the XXVth Debate League

We invite you to an english tournament LIITA, February 14th–16th 2020 in Prague.

Love Is In The Air in Prague

14th16th February 2020, Prague


Parklane IS Prague, Kampus Valdštejnská, Valdštejnská 151/6a, Praha

Accommodation and food

Accommodation will be provided probably in Hostel Santini, Nerudova 14 Praha 1 
Food will be provided in form of Saturday lunch and dinner.


Five rounds. Two debates on impromptu motions picked from following books, that you can have by yourself while preparing your arguments on site,

George Orwell: 1984 
George Orwell: Animal Farm (obě knihy)

one debate on an official motion,

The Czech Republic should combat populism. (P)

and one debate on an impromptu motion.

Impromptu motions will be announced or picked in the presence of both teams drew for that debate. Authorized judge shall toss a coin to decide which of both teams will pick one of the three motions proposed by the Chief Adjudicators Panel. The choosing team will do so in one minute. After that, the other team will pick a side in 30 seconds. Should one team be late, the other one will pick both motion and side.


od 16.00 Possibility of accommodation
18.00 Opening Ceremony
18.15 First round of debates (Populism)
20.00 End of first day (school is closed, relocation to accommodation)

8.30 Opening of the school
9.00 Drawing of impromptu motions
10.00 Second round of debates (impromptu)
12.00 Third round of debates (Populism)

13.00 Lunch on site
14.30 Feedback – Third round of debates
15.15 Drawing of impromptu motions
16.15 Fourth round of debates (impromptu)
18.00 Dinner
19.30 Evening programme – will be specified

8.30 Drawing of impromptu motions
9.30 Fifth round of debates (impromptu)
11.30 Announcement of tournament results
12.00 End of Tournament


You can sign up through greybox application until Friday 7th February 2020 14:00.

Tournament fees

Fees differ by following criteria: Time and Membership in the Association (the membership fees for the academic year 2019/202 can be paid on site)

Members of ADK

  • 200 Kč as sign-up fee
  • 550 Kč as accommodation fee

Non-members ADK

  • 1 000 Kč without regard to the accommodation

Fees are not collected for judges and pedagogical supervision. Each club can have only one person as a pedagogical supervision.

Whole payment is due until Friday 7th February 2020 to the account no. 2100403113/2010 at Fio bank. A price reduction of 150 Kč (deducted from accommodation fee) applies when making the payment until 31st January 2020 (hence 200 Kč + 400 Kč). When the payment is made on site or when arriving without registration a penalty of 200 Kč applies.

In case that the debater does not arrive or is deregistered after Friday 7th February 2020, he will be charged with the cancellation fee according to the ADK presidential decree no. 5/2017.

ADK membership applications

All the participants have the duty to present their ADK applications and participants under 18 years of age also present declaration of the legal representative. A participation without those documents is not allowed!


Please send all your questions to In urgent matters, you can contact me via telephone: +420 604 401 659 (Adam Born).

Adam Born looks forward to meeting you at the tournament!