Prague Debate Spring

Come to the 6th Year of Prestigious Debate Tournament in Prague!

You may look forward to 6 basic and 4 elimination rounds, spectacular socials including a sightseeing boat cruise, good Czech as well as international food, and debaters and judges from all around the globe – 34 nations have participated so far:

Argentina, Bosnia, Canada, China, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Italy, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, Peru, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, Tunisia, UAE, USA – and the Czech Republic, of course.

Our Official Team Cap is 50, possibly extendable to 90. Our Schedule allows for one extra elimination round to be added.

The Tournament is called ‘Smart’ because it provides you with options. You can choose accommodation and social events according to your preferences as shown in the Registration section. Also, you can opt for additional debate training as described below.

Special Training Opportunities

We would like PDS19 to be a very attractive training opportunity for all – national as well as novice teams. Therefore, we offer to facilitate spar debates before the Tournament (Wednesday & Thursday afternoons). Please email us if you are interested.

Also, there will be four prepared basic rounds – two motions debated both sides. These will demand rather intense thinking than extensive research, thus bringing the learning benefit of preparation without the burden of time-consuming data digging.

Check current updates and photos from previous years on facebook.

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