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Média / Media

Celebrities are wrong role models for the youth1
Censorship is desirable3
Journalists and artists should opt not to publish content which is offensive to religious believes.2
Modern mass communication media and technologies endanger freedom and privacy of an individual1
Politicians should be forbidden to own media enterprizes2
Pop music harms the youth1
Public service media are important for democracy2
Reality shows are immoral2
Reality TV is immoral5
Soap operas cause more mental harm than violent action movies1
Social media providers should be forbidden from deleting content that does not breach the law2
TH regrets the rise of anti-hero in media1
THBT celebrities, who are convicted of crimes should not be allowed to work in entertainment industries1
THBT Czech television should establish broadcasting channel for Roma people4
THBT media should forcibly out gay celebrities.1
The distribution of printed flyers and advertisement newspapers should be abolished2
The media should decide not to ridicule any religion8
The media should show full horrors of war2
The state should not support public media2
THW allow the state to monitor all social media to prevent terrorism4