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Animals should not be used for sports or entertainment0
Dope should be legalized in sports0
Doping should be legalised2
Football clubs should pay for police intervention at stadium2
Major sports events should not be financed from the tax money1
Olympic games in 2016 do belong to Prague3
Olympic games should be held in Prague8
P.E. should not be compulsory at secondary schools4
Physical education at high schools should be voluntary6
Professional sports bring more harm than good6
Sports based on using violence against your opponent (e.g. boxing or MMA) should be banned.2
Sports' clubs should be punished for bad behavior of their fans0
Sportsmen should boycott Olympic games in countries that violante human rights1
State should support amateur youth sport instead of top professional competitions1
TH still believes Lance Armstrong to be a hero1
That Prague should host the Olympic games in year 20161
THBT athletes have a moral duty to boycott the Olympic Games in Sochi.1
THBT boycott of sport events is a legitimate tool of foreign policy1
THBT state should subsidise sport1
The sportsmen should be obliged to represent in the national team1
There is too much money in sport5
This house supports the use of sporting competitions as a political tool2
THW allow the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sport3
Use of performance enhancing drugs in sports should be allowed1
We should boycot the Olympic Games in China in 20081
We should support the construction of a national stadium0